5 Reasons You Must Have Free-Range Chickens for Food


30 Dec, 2020

Chicken is considered the most common poultry type. In fact, it is one of the most common staples that end up on the family’s table as food. When it comes to chicken, your options are unlimited. Along with this is the fact that they come in various classifications, whether organic, conventional or even free-range. 


For the uninitiated, free-range is a farming method that allows chickens to walk freely in a given environment. As the name implies, you can see a brood of chickens roaming around on a range. Some perks and benefits come with having a free-range yourself or buying these chickens from a trusted source.


That said, here are five good reasons you must have free-range chickens for food:


Rich in vitamins and minerals

Free-range chickens are free to roam around in the area while receiving the sun’s light and eating appropriate foods. For this reason, they are deemed healthier than chickens grown in a cage. When you opt for this type of chicken for your family’s meal, you can benefit from vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B, D, A, potassium and sodiumwhat a healthy and nutritious way of serving your family’s needs!


Great source of protein

Protein is one of the vital nutrients needed for your body’s growth and development. As it serves to generate and repair muscles, it’s considered the building block of life. This is why many health and fitness enthusiasts go for foods such as lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes or beans. Take note that chicken is one of the great sources of protein. In fact, a chicken breast from a free-range delivers about 50 per cent of an individual’s daily protein needs.


Fat-free meat

While certain parts of a chicken are protein-laden, its skin and even muscles can be abundant in fats. As too many fats are bad for your health, eating chicken grown with artificial supplements and growth hormones can no longer be reliable as healthy food sources. What’s great about free-range chickens is that they are growing naturally without the need for artificial supplements and growth hormones. Hence, they are safer and healthier to eat than regular chickens.


Egg production

Another good reason to have chickens in a free-range environment is that they produce healthier and bigger eggs. As you may be aware, eggs are also good sources of protein. Whether prepared as sunny side up, scrambled or boiled for breakfast, they can be your family’s best bet. 


Pest control

Some households love the idea of having free-range chickens in their properties. Apart from the valuable benefits discussed above, they can also ensure a pest-free environment. This is because chickens do feed on bugs and pests in the surroundings. However, just be sure they don’t mess up the vegetation in your garden.




At this point, you now know why it pays to have free-range chickens for food. As outlined above, you can benefit from the following: rich in vitamins and minerals, an excellent protein source, fat-free meat, egg production and pest control. 


What’s great about free-range chickens is that they come in large portions and look healthy. Ultimately, they are organic and not to mention sumptuous as foods!


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