Apply to become a partner

Are you a high-quality food provider? Do you believe in our values of community, honesty and sustainability? If so, we’d love to consider working with you. Local Grocers currently supply to Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire however we are always growing and would be interested to hear from you if you live outside that area.

How we can help your business grow

Online Made Simple

You don’t need your own website to work with Local Grocers. We will give you a page on our website which is dedicated to your business. Our customers will be able to view and buy your produce from that page on

Hassle-free Selling

We deal with customer queries and carry out deliveries for you, saving time for your staff and reducing your overheads.

Built Around Small Businesses

Our website and logistics system are built to support great small businesses, just like yours.  We have designed our process to make it as easy as possible for artisan local stores; for example we give you two days notice of all orders allowing you to ensure you have sufficient stock to cover the order.

Focus on What You do Best

We carry out all deliveries for you. Your staff are experts at sourcing the best produce and presenting them in a beautiful way, don’t waste the time of your trained staff by having them carry out deliveries when we could do it for you.







WH Thomas Farm Shop

Joining Local Grocers has given a great extra source of profit to our farm shop. It’s so much easier than doing our own deliveries and has helped us grow our business without getting a bigger premises. The Grocers portal makes it really easy for us to see our orders and update our produce, and the communication from the Local Grocers team is top notch.

Tom White

Waterloo Cottage Farm

The Local Grocers model works really well with our business. We carry out our own deliveries for our regular customers but Local Grocers help us to reach people who have never used us before. We love Local Grocers and would recommend it to any local stores considering joining.

Angus & Kirsty Clarke

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