Our Guide to Buying & Storing Healthy Foods in the Fridge


30 Dec, 2020

Most households do their own groceries, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you’re the head of the household or the one responsible for buying stocks of food, it’s best to go for options that are healthy. All it takes is to store them in your fridge and even in your freezer or refrigerator to keep them fresh. Once you master shopping and storing food, cooking and preparing food for your family will be easy and efficient.

If you’re wondering what to buy and keep in your fridge, fret not. We’ve rounded up a list of healthy foods, so keep on reading to find out.

Healthy foods for your freezer

Before we present you with a list of different foods that ought to be kept in your fridge, let’s get into specifics—what goes inside your freezer. That said, consider the following:

Meat: It’s a good idea to have boneless chicken breasts stored in the freezer which can be added to your pasta, salad and stir-fry recipes. You can also have 90 per cent lean ground beef for proper nutrition. For ground turkey, go for extra lean which can be used for meatballs, burgers, tacos and more. Finally, salmon and other low-mercury fish such as cod and tilapia can be your best bet as far as fish is concerned.

Veggies: For meat alternatives, you can go for vegetarian chicken patties as a way to trick your little ones who don’t like to eat vegetables. Also, opt for veggie burgers which are usually made from soy protein. Finally, don’t forget to buy frozen veggies and go beyond the basics such as high-protein edamame.

Fruits: There are frozen fruits readily available in the market. But for health reasons, be sure to go for those with no added sugar. That said, your family can either eat them straight or turn them into healthy smoothies.


Healthy foods for your fridge

Now that we’ve tackled healthy foods that go straight into the freezer, let’s cover those these healthy items for lunch, dinner or snacks. Here are items that go into the fridge:

Dairy products: When it comes to these, milk tops the list. Be sure to opt for skim milk, one per cent milk or fortified soy milk for your kids. Also, don’t forget to have low-fat cheese, specifically a reduced-fat block cheese. Finally, make sure to have a dozen of eggs, which are perfect sources of protein.

Lunchmeat: Ready-to-serve options such as turkey and lean roast beef don’t necessarily have to go to the freezer. They are perfect for sandwiches and snacks.

Fresh vegetables: Of course, green leafy vegetables ought to get inside your refrigerator. Some top choices include broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, snow peas, and celery for various dishes, whether viands salads or side dishes.

Fresh fruits: It’s a good idea to store fresh fruits in your fridge, especially those rich in Vitamin C. Your options are unlimited—apples, oranges, grapes, berries…name it; grocery stores have it!

Bagged salad: Look for darker greens such as baby spinach. If not, have a mix of multicoloured lettuces such as mesclun or field greens. They are perfect for vegetable salads.

Tortillas: Don’t forget to have some tortillas in your fridge, as they’re a great alternative to bread.



At this point, you now know what to buy in your local market and store in your refrigerator. To that end, be sure to consider our list outlined above for healthy options. With all these in place, you can foster healthy living through proper food preparation and good nutrition for your family’s benefit!

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