Our local philosophy

Local Grocers was founded on a vision to improve communities through highest quality food!  We make it as easy for the British family to get their high-quality weekly shop from their local community as it is for them to use an online supermarket.

Artisan food providers

Local Grocers bring you the very best that your community has to offer. From the butcher who’s the fourth generation to master their skill to the vegan store that sources specialist ingredients to support their customers’ lifestyle.  Our local artisans give you access to some amazing traditional and regional delicacies, which simply aren’t available at a supermarket.

Support your community

By shopping with Local Grocers you know you are helping to support your local community. This means giving back to your local area; it means helping local providers to thrive; and it means building relationships with the people who provide your food.

Fewer food miles

Supermarkets regularly sell produce as ‘Locally grown’ which has travelled over 200 miles to be packaged and some do not stock any British meat! Our local artisans, in comparison, provide food which was produced in your area. You can rest easy knowing your weekly shop has the least food miles possible.


Local Grocers believe that everyone should be able to know where there food comes from. Our artisan providers source their produce from farmers they know and trust in your community. We choose partners who put animal welfare and sustainability at the heart of their business.

Convenience & choice

We’ve made the Local Grocers process as easy to use as an online supermarket. Shop from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered by us on the best day for you. We bring you as many different artisan local grocers as we can to give you the greatest choice possible.

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