Teapigs Earl Grey Strong – 50 x100g ‘Tea Temple’ Biodegradable Tea Bags


A blend of strong english breakfast, darjeeling and bergamot – to be drunk with milk.

1 Star 2020 Great Taste Award Winner!


What’s special about this strong earl grey tea blend?

If you like your earl grey to hit you with a delicious wallop of a flavour? Then the strong Teapigs Early Grey is the one for you. To make this blend Teapigs have mixed intense Assam and teas from Rwanda with lighter and more delicate Ceylon and Darjeeling. The end result is a delightfully strong tea base with zesty, all- natural bergamot flavours. Teapigs earl grey is a tea fit for a Duke or a Marquess, instead of just a mere Earl! Though we’re quite sure that former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey would love this blend too!

How does Teapigs strong earl grey tea taste?

Strong black tea taste with notes of fine darjeeling and bergamot. A thumping Earl Grey!

Good if you’re feeling

Ready for a thumping pick me up but without losing your composure.

Earl grey tea with a conscience

Teapigs have a great record on sustainability and social good:  They use plant-based tea bags and they have a great ethical scheme to give back to the communities producing their tea.  Teapigs has now been certified as a B corporation, a fantastic glocal community with an aim to use business as a means for good in the world.


Teapigs Earl Grey ingredients: Black tea, natural bergamot, cornflowers and other natural flavourings including natural lime.


Nutrition per 100ml

1 kcal

0 sugar

0 fat

Trace carbohydrate

For more information about Teapigs Strong Earl Grey contact the manufacturer.

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Allergens & Warnings

Naturally contains caffeine.

Made in a factory that handles nuts.

See Label - If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement. Please check the product's ingredients on the packaging carefully before consuming.


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