Reasons You Should Start Supporting Local and Small Businesses

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22 Dec, 2020

Venturing out on your own can be quite challenging, especially in an extremely competitive dog-eat-dog corporate arena. Starting a small business feels like walking on a tight rope because these business owners will always have their work cut out for them.

Local and small business owners have different challenges compared to big companies in the industry. Besides having to deal with local competition, they need to stand out in an already saturated marketplace. However, these small businesses have an edge that big corporate names can’t touch. 

Fortunately, many people are starting to be aware of the benefits of buying local and supporting small businesses. Nowadays, the number of people who’d instead visit and purchase fresh produce in a local farmer’s market is growing and it seems like the number will be increasing for the next few years. 

But what makes small businesses so different from the industry giants? Why should you start supporting local businesses? If you’re asking yourself these questions, keep reading. Below are the reasons you should begin to support local and small businesses. 

You start caring about the local community

One of the biggest reasons you should start supporting local and small businesses is that you care about the community you live in. By doing this, you’re helping put back money into your community and help your neighbours thrive as well. 

Purchasing local means you’re giving your local community a chance to grow in a saturated marketplace. 

You start showing respect for local business owners

Small business owners don’t have the luxury to go big and mass produce items, or even go globally. When you buy local, you respect the hustle these individuals do every day as they try to make an honest living despite the heavy competition. And with that, that says a lot about the fantastic character and traits small business owners possess. 

When you shop locally, you express your respect for them and appreciate the hard work and effort they put in helping your local community thrive. 

You’re injecting character to the commercial market

The commercial industry houses various companies that are somewhat identical to each other, so it is quite difficult to find unique brands. This can sometimes get disappointing for consumers. 

However, when you take the road less travelled and start purchasing local, you’ll find that every brand is different, authentic and has character. 

You are purchasing the real deal 

When you buy products from big companies or grocery stores, you may be purchasing items that have really low quality. However, when you buy locally, you can trust that you’re buying real-deal products.

Small business owners care more about the quality rather than the money. When you buy local produce, even through local produce delivery, you can guarantee that you’re buying top-quality items that are grown sustainably and safely. Even if you are paying a bit more, the money will go back to the business to help continue growing fresh vegetables and to keep the money flowing in the local economy. 

You are giving people jobs

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons you should support local is that you are giving people jobs and keeping their business open. These people care about you and what you consume and it’s only best to support them all the way. 

These small business owners are working day in and day out to provide fresh produce for you, create unique products and put the time and effort in developing better products than what you can find in the market. So the next time you’re considering buying a big-company product, consider searching for an alternative in the local community. Most of the time, it’s so much better!


Local and small business owners are brave and unique people who truly make an effort to produce and create products of high quality, compared to big-name manufacturers. Now that you know some of the reasons you should start supporting local and small businesses, it’s time to rethink your grocery list and the brands you’re going to purchase from. Check out local produce delivery instead and start supporting small businesses, and help them and your local economy grow.

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