Why Eat Local and Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

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16 Dec, 2020

Eating local means choosing food that is grown and generally harvested reasonably close to your home. Doing this depends on your area’s production ability. For instance, you can enjoy a wide variety of local food to choose from if you live in a region with high agricultural productivity. If you reside in a colder, more sparse area, on the other hand, your options may be more limited. 

Choosing to eat local produce may not always be convenient. However, here are some reasons why you should consider eating local and shopping at your local farmers’ market as much as possible:

  • It is more likely to be organic


Farmers that sell their produce at local markets are likely to sell fresh and organic food because they want to guarantee high quality to the customers they directly interact with. Buyers often quiz them on their standards and keep them accountable. Customers who are impressed will keep coming back as loyal purchasers, giving farmers ample reason to impress with their goods. You won’t see this kind of buyer-supplier relationship in supermarkets.

You’re more likely to eat organic produce if you decide to eat local. Choosing locally grown produce means lower levels of pesticides, higher levels of animal welfare, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers, and more environmentally sustainable land management.

Keep in mind that certified organic methods can be costly, which means small, local farms are not always able to afford them despite using organic methods. When seeking fresh produce delivery, it’s best to ask the producer or sample their produce first and see how it tastes.

  • It has a higher quality


A higher rate of respiration occurs in the product once it is separated from its source, which leads to nutrient degradation, moisture loss, and potential microbial spoilage. Locally grown produce, on the other hand, tastes better. You’ll likely find local produce that has been picked within 24 hours at farmers’ markets and local food delivery, so you can be assured of its freshness. 

Growers who cater to local customers also aren’t limited by issues concerning harvesting, packing, transport, and shelf life quality. They can select, grow, and harvest their produce freely. Therefore, they can ensure that their produce has the highest grades of freshness, nutrition, and taste.

  • It is an investment in your community


Buying local produce lets you contribute to the local economy. As a result, you keep money in your area, sustain local producers, and create local jobs. You have the opportunity to support your local farmers and help in long-term food security since you will help ensure that there will be farms in your community for a long time.

  • It lets you eat in season


Eating local gives you the chance to consume seasonal foods that are designed to support your health. You can build a lifestyle around seasonal food that supports your body’s natural healing processes. For example, you can enjoy the abundance of leafy greens in spring and water-dense fruits like watermelon, cucumber, and berries in summer.


Food should always be fresh and tasty and not coated with chemicals to withstand the long commute. Food products from supermarkets are long-lasting, but they can’t beat the zest and crunch of freshly picked produce. To have a farm-to-table dining experience and enjoy the benefits listed above, choose to eat locally.

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