Why You Should Consider Seasonal Food for a Healthier Lifestyle

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16 Dec, 2020

Back in the days, people used to wait patiently for the seasons to change so that they could acquire available produce from local farmers’ markets and organic farms near them. Seasonal crops were something that wasn’t as easy to achieve, mostly since specific fruits and vegetables weren’t possible to acquire all-year-round. 

Fast forward to the present, where online grocery shopping is a thing, and people can now find all kinds of ingredients and produce regardless of the season. Everything has become available due to an abundance of food sources that have become accessible to man.

You can now find both shipped produce and locally-grown produce in groceries and markets no matter the season. With more people leaning towards health-conscious choices, there’s no doubting why some prefer opting for fresh food deliveries. If you want to know why it’s still better to choose food harvested according to the current season, keep reading below. 

What is Seasonal Food?

Due to the rapid advancements of modern technology, produce found worldwide are always in season thanks to polytunnels and glasshouses. As a result, food can easily be sourced and shipped to and from other countries and end up in groceries and markets.

But back in the old days, seasonal food meant acquiring produce only from what was grown in the area. The early inhabitants of the world foraged for fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and seeds—anything that was edible and could improve flavour. In addition, they hunted for meat and fish to survive.

Seasonal food can be described as the food that is readily available to people at present, based on where you live and the current climate you have. If you’re planning to buy seasonal produce, you can visit shops and local grocers, and they can usually tell you the source of their food!

Most of the time, local produce consists of seasonal ingredients. If you’re trying to live healthier and choosing to be more mindful, buying seasonal food offers environmental benefits, such as reducing the food miles you consume and achieving overall better nutrition.  

Benefits of Seasonal Produce

You Can Receive Better Nutrients

Picking fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season in the area you’re living in offers recurring advantages that highlight cleansing and healing factors. Rather than relying on products shipped from overseas, purchasing local ingredients is good for your health.

Take the seasonal fruits that grow in the late summer and fall, such as red grapes and blueberries. They offer stilbenoid compounds that go with vitamin D to enhance your immune system and keep you healthy during the cold temperatures. 

Meanwhile, the produce that grows during spring is filled with nutrients to provide you with long-lasting energy which you will need to accomplish your daily tasks. Leafy greens offer chlorophyll which helps to eliminate the toxins in your liver and blood.

You Can Consume Food as Medicine

Food has always been used as an alternative for medicine, dating back to ancient times, when Western medicine still wasn’t fully developed. The Chinese relied heavily on the benefits of seasonal food to treat yearly cycles, and they continue to believe in its power.

At present, these practitioners continue to turn towards the five elements, their season, and their relation with paired organs. Wood is associated to spring, the liver, and gallbladder; fire to summer, the heart, and small intestine; earth to late summer, the spleen, and stomach; metal to autumn, the lungs, and large intestine; and water to winter, the kidneys, and bladder.


The world has indeed changed so much over the years. As far as produce is concerned, people have come up with a wide array of choices involving supplements, superfoods, and herbs that are now within an arm’s reach. The convenience of achieving what you need whenever you want has affected the essence of local produce, which may have gotten lost along the way. Despite that, people should still consider local produce delivery, mainly due to the rich nutrients and flavour of seasonal food they can offer—which is ultimately better for your health.

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